Системы улучшения изображений VISTAPLUS III

SEIFERT VISTAPLUS III Digital Archiving and Image Enhancement System

In many applications the noise factor impairs detail detectability in the X-Ray radioscopic image. The VISTAPLUS III image enhancement system is used as a remedy to improve the detectability of this minute indications. Due to the versatility of its functions, the VISTAPLUS III system is superbly suited for rapid evaluation and assessment of X-ray radioscopic images.

VISTAPLUS III is a PC-based digital archiving and image enhancement system that can be operated either with 2000 or XP Pro. The operator’s interaction with the graphical user interface of the VISTAPLUS III relies on two basic input elements, the mouse and the keyboard function keys.

As operation of the VISTAPLUS III system is straight-forward, image data processing skills can be acquired quickly and easily.

Both the graphical user interface and the radioscopic image are displayed simultaneously on one VGA monitor. This eliminates the need for an additional monochrome monitor for display of the processed image.

The modular design of the VISTAPLUS III hardware and software supports customized solutions whenever needed.

The VISTAPLUS III is set up for integration in a GE Inspection Technologies automated radioscopic X-Ray inspection system.

Standard Functions


  • Real-time integration for noise reduction
  • Real-time averaging for noise reduction of images in motion
  • Analog input signal adaptation via digital gain / offset settings of the analog-to-digital convertor
  • 20 predefined digital filter functions
  • 5 user-definable digital filters, up to 7 x 7 filter matrix
  • Pseudo-color display
  • Contrast and brightness stretching of processed images
  • Zooming
  • Histogram optimization
  • 12 teach-in sequences for frequently applied routines, to be activated via soft keys or keyboard function keys
  • Graphic marking of regions of interest
  • Text editor for image annotation
  • Storage of digital images on hard disk, floppy disk, CD-RW and ZIP
  • Calibration capability
  • Automatic and manual file names
  • Image copying into other Windows-based applications with the Clipboard
  • Image measurement, line profile and histogram calculation functions
  • Area measurements capability
  • Remote control from GE Inspection Technologies radioscopic X-Ray inspection systems
  • Reference image display
  • Password protection of image enhancement parameters
  • Image storage in BMP, TIF and JPG formats