Reference Test Block JIS Z2343

The reference test block JIS Z 2343 consists of two rectangular panels with transverse grooves and a NiCr-Coating. The thickness of the coating, and thus also the depth of the grooves, will vary between 10 to 50 μm, depending on the application.




50 µm, 30 µm

Fluorescent, Level 2

50 µm , 30 µm, 20 µm

Fluorescent, Level 3

30 µm, 20 µm, 10 µm

Fluorescent, Level 4

20 µm, 10 µm

Delivery incl. certificate and case.



2 Panels à 10 µm

G47-4 L

2 Panels  à 20 µm

G47-5 L

2 Panels  à 30 µm

G47-6 L

2 Panels  à 50 µm

G47-7 L

For the control of the liquid penetrant a reference picture of the test block is needed.

An image and a certificate are included in the scope of delivery.