MR® Equipment case (without contents)

Product description:

This case is suitable for transport and storage of Equipment at Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Fits for following items:

Description Art. No.
Hand yoke MR® 51 or MR® 56

Art. 51 / 56

Measuring instrument UVA/LUX Check

Art. G453 L

Field strength meter MFM 200

Art. B1 L

ASTM centrifuge tube with stand

Art. B14 L

Residual field meter Magnetoscope

Art. B99 L

Reference block type 1

Art. G19 L

Reference block type 2

Art. G25 L

Berthold Test-Body

Art. G20 L

Magnetic field indicator (Pie Gauge)

Art. G44 L

Reference test block 2

Art. G22 L

ASTM-test block

Art. G57-3 L