MR® 56V42 Hand yoke 42 V

Product description:

  • Hand yoke 42 V for Magnetic Particle Testing acc. to EN ISO 9934
  • Meets the requirements of EN ISO 9934-3 and ASTM E709
  • Own production – made in Germany
  • Strain relief reduces risk of cable break
  • Innovative switch sealing
  • Stout and impact proof housing
  • Very good quality-price ratio
  • No power loss because of the optimized fitting of the poles
  • Poles protected against penetration of test media
  • Powerful
  • Low maintenance

Technical data:

Hand yoke:

MR® 56V42 (42V)

Art. no. Hand yoke:


Art. no. Isolating transformer:

56V42-1 (please order separately)

Operating voltage / frequency:

42V AC / 50-60 Hz

Strength of current:

7.9 Ampere

Distance between poles

with adjustable poles:

with straight poles:

110-220 mm

165 mm


ca. > 15 kg

Magnetic field strength with adjustable poles:

Pole distance 220 mm: 34 A/cm

Pole distance 165 mm: 40 A/cm

Pole distance 110 mm: 59 A/cm

Magnetic field strength with straight poles:

Pole distance 165 mm: 45 A/cm

Magnetizing current:



L260 x D50 x H195 mm


incl. adjust. Poles: 4,0 kg

incl. straight poles: 3,7 kg


5 m safety cable

with safety plug

Met standards:

EN 9934-3


Delivery content:

  • MR® 56V42 Hand yoke
  • straight poles
  • User manual
  • Electr. protocol BGV A3