MR® 454 UVA/Lux Check measuring instrument

Product description:

MR® is a dual-purpose instrument for measuring UV-intensity and White light portion during Penetrant Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing; as well as for measuring the intensity of illumination at coloured Penetrant Testing and coloured Magnetic Particle Testing.

Delivery includes carrying case, batteries and calibration certificate.

Technical data:

Visual Sensor

Measuring range:

0 – 5000 lx

Accuracy of measurement:

+/- 10%

UV Sensor

Measuring range:

0 – 50000 µW/cm²

Wavelength 365 nm

Accuracy of measurement:

+/- 10%


80 x 120 x 25 mm (WxHxD)

Weight, incl. sensor:

250 g

Operating voltage:

2 x batteries AA

Battery power:

approx. 40 h

Power save mode:

Automatic switch off after 3 minutes, when UVA value is constant.

Cable length:

approx. 950 mm

Art no.: