MR® 2000 Anti-Reflex L

Product description:

MR® 2000 Anti-Reflex L serves for tarnishing of mirroring surfaces in optical 3D-Measuring Technique. Non-contact measuring technique resp. measuring of spacial geometries with optic procedures are precise techniques and used in industrial quality control, medicine, or in art & culture. Here, reflecting surfaces are interfering and thus unwanted.

MR®  2000 Anti-Reflex L is the practicable and user friendly solution to tarnish surfaces.


  • very good wettability on the for 3D-Digitalization customary surfaces
  • the layer surface can be determined freely
  • closed, very fine and smooth surface structure
  • easily removable
  • aerosol overhead sprayable

Pack sizes:

  • Aerosols 500 ml
  • 1 L
  • 10 L