MR® 72 LS White Contrast Paint

General appearance and composition:

  • Paintable* and overweldable**
  • Contains solvents, free of aromatics, dries quickly
  • MR® 72 LS White Contrast Paint serves to lighten the surface of the work piece when performing coloured magnetic particle inspection with MR® Magnetic powder suspensions.
  • Processing temperature +10 to +50 °C
  • Aerosol overhead sprayable

*The possibility to paint on MR® 72 LS refers to a specific 2-components-lacquer-system. If using other systems, this needs testing for every single case.

**Criteria for overwelding see test report no. 13090 of the SLV Berlin dd. 26.07.2010 (currently in German only)


EN ISO 9934-2
Temperature Range:
+10°C to +50°C
Carrier Media:
Delivery form:
Ready to use (bulk) (5 L)
Aerosol (500 ml)