PTX 300 Series – Subsea Pressure Transmitters

The PTX 300 series of pressure transmitters have been developed for the offshore oil & gas industries as a compact, high performance device for reliable and long term subsea use. Maintenance free, it is available with operating ranges up to 22,500 psi and is fully submersible with a pressure rating up to 5000 psi. Originally designed for aerospace hydraulic systems, the PTX 300 series utilizes micro-machined piezo resistive silicon pressure measurement technology, developed and proven by Druck for 30 years.

Features and Benefits
  • Customized Flush flange, Spigot, and SAE threaded connections available
  • A wide range of material options to suit process and pressure rated requirements
  • Product lead-time for short cycle projects
  • Field proven piezo-resistive silicon technology for pressure measurement for full scale ranges from 70 bar/1000 psi to 1500 bar/21750 psi
  • Compact analogue electronics package, qualified to ISO 13628-6. +25 years design life
  • Subsea qualified straight or 90º over-mould cable or penetrator connections
  • Single or dual harness configurations
  • ASME IX qualified electron beam welded housing in customized materials and hyperbaric use down to 3500 metres
  • Pressure transmitter is packaged to suit the specific requirements of subsea hydraulic control systems
  • High pressure containment rating
  • Hydraulic transient protection and integrity of cable/electrical connections

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