M Series – Aluminum Oxide Moisture Sensor Probe

Panametrics M Series aluminum oxide moisture sensor probes have set the standard of performance and value in industrial moisture measurement for more than 40 years. In use, M Series moisture probes are coupled to Panametrics moisture analyzers by an interconnecting cable. Ease of use, wide measurement range and rigorous calibration standards make these systems the preferred choice for industrial moisture measurement worldwide.

Features and Benefits
  • Superior performance
  • Film thickness of the oxide layer is critical to the performance of this type of sensor. GE manufactures sensors with an oxide film thickness that causes them to exhibit true absolute humidity, rather than relative humidity response. This critical film thickness also gives the M Series probe quick response and exceptional calibration stability.
  • Intrinsically safe when used in conjunction with certified electronics or zener barriers
  • Superior sensitivity, response speed and calibration stability
  • Optional temperature sensor
  • Calibrations traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or National Physical Lab U.K. (NPL)
  • Designed for in situ applications or in conjunction with sample conditioning systems
  • True absolute humidity sensor
  • Wide dynamic range

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