GE’s General Eastern Humilab is a NIST-traceable relative humidity generator and calibration chamber that is continuously monitored and controlled by a chilled mirror hygrometer and precision RTD.

The Humilab system is water-jacketed for thermal stability and facilitates cost-effective calibrations of relative humidity sensors, probes, transmitters, recorders, and data loggers.

Notice: As of November 2015, Humilab has transitioned to Life Cycle Phase 3 – Repairs & Spare Parts Support. Repairs, accessories, and parts support will continue for the Humilab for a period of time, by parts availability.

Features and Benefits
  • Primary standard: integrated chilled mirror & platinum RTD
  • Constantly measure test conditions
  • Precise: ±0.2% RH Stability
  • Accurate: ±1% RH from 10-70% RH & ±1.5% RH from 70-90% RH
  • Versatile: 10 to 90% RH & 20 to 30ºC
  • Self-contained operation: equipped with desiccant and water reservoir
  • Connects to external temperature bath/circulator to standardize test conditions
  • Connects to external dry compressed air to extend desiccant life indefinitely
  • Record & document: 0 to 5 VDC, 4 to 20mA analog outputs & RS-232 digital data stream
  • Fast response: 10 Minutes for 63% step change & 30 minutes to full stability
  • Quality design: stainless steel chamber
  • Cost effective: ability to calibrate several % RH instruments at once
  • Ease of operation: set humidity level by the front panel or via PROSTEP software for ramp & soak profiles

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