Helium-3 PSD 8Pack powered by NeuAcq* Electronics

The next generation Reuter Stokes helium-3 detector 8Pack combines high efficiency neutron detection with high speed electronics in a sealed enclosure. The new 8Pack offers the added benefits of GE’s NeuAcq Electronics in an easy to install 8Pack module. The new 8Pack enables the performance of leading edge science in all vacuum, partial-vacuum and non-vacuum instruments.

Features and Benefits


  • Modular 8Pack with integrated neutron shielding to reduce back scatter
  • Sealed system allows for continuous operation under any vacuum condition
  • Industry standard TCP/IP over gigabit Ethernet
  • Real time digital signal processing performs continuous baseline correction
  • Utilizes ADARA communications standard
  • PTP and POE allow for significant reduction in wiring
  • Built in diagnostics for real-time health monitoring
  • Onboard, adjustable high voltage supply
  • Helium-3 LPSDs are designed to optimize detector efficiency
  • Scalable data network and timing distribution
  • ARM  A9 based processor with embedded Linux operating system
  • FPGA-based real-time digital signal processor
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability


  • Uninterrupted operation in any vacuum environment
  • High Count rate capability up to 90K cps/detector with 10% dead time (demonstrated with 8mm helium-3 position-sensitive detector under uniform exposure)
  • Position resolution better than 8 mm along the detector length
  • Superior thermal and count rate stability
  • Accuracy.  Timing precision of 10 ns and accuracy better than 500 ns
  • Compliant with EPICS and ADARA standards (compatible with MANTID)
  • Ease of installation. Reduced cabling and vacuum penetrations:  single Ethernet cable for timing, communications and power.

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