Flame Tracker Dry 325

No water cooling needed! Hot end assembly operates up to 325ºC.

The Reuter Stokes Flame Tracker Dry 325 senses the ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths produced by a flame and signals whether a flame condition exists. This rugged design reduces maintenance by moving sensitive electronics away from the heat, thereby eliminating the need for water cooling. The Silicon Carbide (SiC) optical photodiode is designed for use with multiple fuels, low NOx combustors and steam injection. The Flame Tracker Dry 325 is applicable to all GE heavy duty gas turbine models.

Features and Benefits

High Sensitivity, Fast Response
• Proven SiC technology has high sensitivity to longer UV wavelengths and is not susceptible to black body radiation.
• Rapid response time of less than 175 milliseconds. Similar products may take as long as a full second to respond, which creates a potentially undesirable situation.
• Built with the same proven sensing technology that has worked in the Flame Tracker for >20 years
• Analog output with a wide dynamic range
• Patented circuitry
Reduced Maintenance
• No water cooling lines, which reduces sensor replacement time and eliminates maintenance of water cooling systems
• Mineral insulated cable eliminates the need for electrical conduit and the use of fragile fiber optic cable
• Full operation allowed during the water wash cycle
• Ready to install, no programming necessary


Reliable, Low Voltage Operation
• High reliability. Ruggedized construction, high temperature materials, rigorous validation.
• Industry standard output signal (4-20 mA)
• Fuel flexibility. Operates reliably with many fuels, with or without steam injection
• Improved safety through low voltage operation. Eliminates the 350V DC supply voltage,and the need for special wiring and explosion proof conduit.
• Ruggedized mineral insulated cable

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