CRD Position Indicator

GE has made several design and manufacturing process improvements to the Reuter-Stokes position indicator probe (PIP) since assuming responsibility of the product line in 1999. While none of the enhancements affect the form, fit or function of the PIP, they are designed to maximize plant operations and reliability, resulting in tremendous time and ALARA savings.

Features and Benefits

Our PIP provides position indication of the control rod drive (CRD) to the reactor protection information system (RPIS) for the purpose of controlling reactor power. There is one PIP for each CRD, with the PIP located within an indicator tube of the CRD. Each PIP consists of a thermocouple and 53 normally-open reed switches mounted along a 13 foot, 3 inch-long switch support. During your next CRD exchange, consider incorporating our improved PIP. By maintaining an inventory of OEM tested and qualified PIPs, you can reduce or eliminate unplanned critical path PIP repairs. Advantages our PIP include:

  • Rugged design helps prevent damage during undervessel activities
  • Significant time and ALARA savings via reduced PIP troubleshooting and replacement activities during outages
  • Fewer occurrences of double flashing and intermittent/absent position indications
  • PIP equivalent measurements and test repeatability through automated collection of test data; reduced operator-specific variability in test setup, performance and collection methods
  • Complete factory inspection of the connector pin retention feature results in minimized loss of signal due to open circuits associated with poor contact at the connection to the undervessel cable
  • Pre-installed stand-offs on locating strips and switch locating fixtures combined with spot welding ensure accurate, fixed switch location

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