Boron-10 Radiation Detection Modules

Dwindling Helium-3 (3He) gas availability has limited industry’s ability to produce radiation detectors used in homeland security applications. GE’s new Boron-10 based detectors from the Reuter Stokes product line fill this void, enabling continued investment in the expansion of the radiation portal monitor installed base.

Features and Benefits
  • World-class research and development
  • Drop-in Replacement – integrated moderator, detector, and electronics designed to fit within existing Helium-3 neutron detector moderator envelope.
  • High Neutron Sensitivity – exceeds neutron sensitivity specification (2.5 cps/ng) in many existing Radiation Portal Monitor designs.
  • Excellent Gamma Discrimination – meets intrinsic efficiency and GARRn specification when exposed to gamma radiation up to 100 mR/h.
  • Integrated Electronics – environmentally sealed, analog or digital output.
  • A USB port is available to monitor HV power supply, discriminator setting, current consumption and temperature.
  • Built-in Quality – incorporates many of the design features of today’s helium-3
  • GE has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing Boron-10 lined detectors. Many have been used in nuclear reactors where our detectors accurately measure neutron levels under the extreme radiation conditions prevalent to the reactor.
  • Our Boron-10 Neutron detection module leverages many of the attributes of the proven, highly reliable Helium-3 detectors deployed today. The result―A neutron detection module that is accurate and reliable, even under the harshest operating conditions.

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