Boron-10 Lined Proportional Counter

GE Reuter Stokes Boron-10 lined proportional counter is a neutron detector designed to provide moderate neutron sensitivity with excellent gamma rejection capabilities.  With our new proprietary boron coating process and utilizing boron enriched in the 10B isotope these detectors provide much improved neutron sensitivity over our previous process.

These detectors are an ideal solution for neutron detection in mixed neutron and gamma fields.  With the proper electronics and discriminator settings these detectors can operate at gamma dose rates up to 103 R/hr with an approximate 50% reduction in neutron sensitivity.

These detectors are ideal for applications such as spent nuclear fuel measurements in safeguards and start up neutron detectors for nuclear research reactors.

Features and Benefits
  • Low voltage operation
  • Typically less than an atmosphere fill pressure with inert fill gases eliminating the hazardous materials shipment experienced with other types of detectors such as BF3 filled neutron detectors.
  • Can operate at temperatures up to 100oC.
  • High gamma dose rate operation with reasonable neutron sensitivity
  • All welded and brazed construction to provide hermetically sealed detector for long life operation.

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