3000 Series Aerospace Pressure Sensors

GE’s Measurement & Control (formerly Druck Ltd.) have been supplying pressure sensors to the Aerospace Industry for more than 20 years. Today we have a product on all major commercial aircraft programs, where we have been hugely successful in recent years with continuing to develop our core applications with our customer base to offer a robust and reliable solution.

Our portfolio of products offers a wide range of highly accurate and stable sensors covering millivolt (mV), amplified voltage (PMP), current (4-20mA) and digitally corrected devices. These are available as Gauge, Sealed Gauge, Absolute or Differential.

Core Applications

Hydraulic Actuation:

A range of high pressure sensors (typically) operating at 3,000 to 4,000 psi, are being supplied to measure the line pressure to safely operate both the primary and secondary flight controls. These sensors are being used to operate Rudders, Flaperons, Flaps, Slats and the landing gear.

Environmental Control System (ECS):

A vast array of sensors are supplied to cover this application, which includes engine bleed air, air management system, cabin air pressure, emergency O2 and fire suppression. Very low pressure differential sensors (1PSI) up to 2000 psi absolute sensors are provided in various forms. Dependant on the environment (for a differential pressure sensor) a dual isolated pressure element may be necessary, preventing any direct media contact with the silicon.

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