WheelStar™ – Batch and In-Line: New machined wheels inspection

The Batch and In-Line designs of the WheelStar product line provide ultrasonic inspection of new machined wheels during manufacturing and come with two different concepts:

While the Batch version inspects the wheels in a robust immersion tank configuration, the In-Line version is seamlessly integrated into the production flow and works with local immersion probe coupling.

Field proven, reliable ultrasonic electronics and a dedicated software package guarantee superior signal quality and ease of use of the overall system.

Features and Benefits
  • Robust system design and construction for long term reliability
  • Full EN / ISO / AAR standard compliance
  • Single rotation scan of the wheel – high productivity
  • Inspection of the wheel´s tread and face areas
  • Inspection of hub and web available on request
  • Wheel diameters 650 – 1350 mm supported

NEW: WheelStar – Batch is now capable of inspecting the wheel web – planar or curved – with linear phased array probes. This patented method means a significant leap ahead in productivity for wheel manufacturers:

  • Substantial throughput improvement for wheel web inspection: Test cycle reduced by up to 80% compared to single crystal probes (based on example wheel geometry)
  • Industry proven, patented ultrasonic contour adaptation algorithm – widely used as well in composite scanning applications

For more information on web inspection with phased array probes, an application report is available for download.

– See more at: www.gemeasurement.com