Weldstar – AUT Pipeline Girth Weld Inspection System

Weldstar is today’s most advanced automated ultrasonic girth weld testing and inspection system for oil & gas transmission pipeline projects. Designed from the ground up for this particular application by combining conventional and Phased Array ultrasonics on the remote scanner head, Weldstar provides uncompromised productivity, flexibility and inspection integrity.

Features and Benefits
  • Meets the ultrasonic inspection requirements of API-1104 and DNV-OS-F101
  • Scanner mounted ultrasonics provide superior immunity to electromagnetic noise generated from welding and induction heating equipment
  • Modular design configured as a hybrid system with 16 conventional and 64:128 Phased Array channels provides unsurpassed inspection flexibility and built in redundancy
  • Robust packaging validated through severe shock, vibration and thermal loading with quick-change umbilical and other mission critical components chosen to ensure high availability
  • Advanced Setup Wizard allows rapid job planning including automated calibration block design and specification
  • Plus Weld data management software seamlessly and automatically provides weld quality tracking and trending reports for review by quality management personnel
  • Built in GPS automatically tags the inspection data of each weld with its geographic location providing valuable audit information to ensure each and every weld was properly inspected

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