USIP|xx – New High-End Electronics Platform

The USIP|xx electronics platform for ultrasonic testing machines provides the operating electronics for a wide range of ultrasonic testing systems. It processes the gathered inspection data at very high speeds to offer fast online inspection with exceptional probability of detection (POD).

Features and Benefits
  • Designed to meet high-end testing requirements
  • Offers up to five times increased productivity
  • Can handle up to 768 parallel phased array channels per rack to provide comprehensive phased array operation
  • Uses Ethernet-connected modules to ensure high data throughput to communicate with the Control-PC
  • Can be used with conventional or phased array transducers including 2D Matrix probes
  • Can be easily integrated within a user’s individual environment by signal exchange via Interbus
  • Modular design facilitates easy maintenance
  • Architecture facilitates access to raw data for subsequent evaluation and future upgradeability

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