UltraHARD Software

UltraHARD is a full featured easy-to-use Windows® database program that simplifies the transfer, storage, analysis and documentation of data from our portable hardness testers. With UltraHARD you can easily create hardness test reports by printing or exporting data files into a custom MS Excel template. Unique to this program is the ability to analyze the data graphically and statistically.

Features and Benefits


  • Effective mobile hardness testing
  • Three easy steps
  • Simple data management


  • UltraHARD was especially designed for our hardness testers MIC 10 DL and DynaMIC DL and is available as standard version and as “Light” version having a reduced function range
  • In just three steps you can go from hardness measurement to documentation using UltraHARD: carry out measurement, transfer/evaluate data, create a report as printout or export into MS-Excel
  • You obtain your report at the press of a button – for instance as an individually defined Excel template
  • Enables you to make detailed analysis of the measurement data, e.g. frequency distribution and histogram, linear display of measurement sets for hardness curves, statistical evaluation of individual measurement sets or the total number of measurement readings over all the measurement sets
  • Simple data management is guaranteed by UltraHARD by the integration into the Windows and MS-Office world with graphical user interface
  • A data feature enables easy filing of data
  • An online screen directly displays the measured values on the PC during the test and is also used for operating the hardness tester in the remote mode
  • The hardness test can be controlled from a PC with UltraHARD, which enables to equally meet the documentation requirements both in shop and in lab applications

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