MIC 20

GE’s MIC 20 is a versatile two-in-one tester combining the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) and rebound test methods (standardized to ASTM A956, A1038 and DIN EN ISO 18265, DIN 50159). The UCI method tests small and complex shaped parts comprised of fine-grained metals, while the rebound method is preferred for larger, coarse-grained forgings and castings.

Features and Benefits
  • Combined hardness tester for quasi-static hardness testing according to the UCI method (ASTM A1038) and dynamic hardness testing according to the rebound method (ASTM A956)
  • UCI probes for hardness testing of fine-grained materials having different masses and shapes or heat-treated surfaces
  • Rebound impact devices for hardness testing on large, coarse-grained components, forgings, and cast materials
  • Automatic scale conversion to HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HS, HL and N/mm2
  • Operation by keys and/or integrated touch screen, easy input of alphanumerical data
  • Power supply: mains adapter (100 V – 240 V) or NiMH battery pack MIC 20-BAT (internal charging)
  • Internal data memory for approx. 5,000 measurement series
  • Quick and easy calibration to various test materials
  • Calibration data are saved and can be recalled
  • Non-directional measurement without input of any correction factors
  • Large color TFT display shows all necessary information during measurement, such as average, single value, or statistical data at a glance
  • Clearly arranged data memory to save measurement results in an easy and structured way
  • Measurement series can be recalled and edited

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