MIC 10 UCI Hardness Tester

GE’s MIC 10 enables quick and convenient on-site hardness testing according to the UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance – standardized according to ASTM A1038 and DIN 50159). The diamond indent in the material’s surface is electronically measured and instantly displayed without using the cumbersome optical evaluation normally associated with conventional hardness testers.

Features and Benefits
  • Effective support with repetitive testing and documentation
  • Easy hardness testing operation
  • Single or as the active arithmetical average values
  • Pre-programmed calibration parameters
  • Instrument operation can be customized for specific testing requirements
  • Standardized according to ASTM A 1038
  • Probes with test loads from 1N (HV0.1) to 98N (HV10)
  • Automatic conversion into different hardness scales and tensile strength
  • Data Logger version with internal data memory for measurement data and instrument settings

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