Future Drive Electronic Turning Tool

The Rhinestahl FutureDrive® Electronic Turnover Tool (ETT) improves the efficiency of engine borescope inspections by automating the process of engine rotation. The tool electronically rotates turbine blades for faster, more accurate inspections — eliminating the need for a second technician to rotate the engine shaft.

Features and Benefits
  • Speeds turbine inspection by precisely positioning blades much faster than manual turning
  • Reduced manpower — one operator can perform the entire inspection
  • Programmable rotation speed, direction and interval control for accuracy and positive control
  • Automatic blade counting for accurate inspections
  • Allows for flagging of indications so they can be re-inspected in greater detail when the inspection is complete
  • Overshoot-free operation for unmatched precision
  • A universal tool with adapters available for specific engine applications

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