Ca-Zoom® Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

GE’s Inspection Technologies Ca-Zoom® line of PTZ cameras is ideal for inspecting large areas such as tanks and vessels, pipelines or nuclear power installations while avoiding manned access. Rugged and durable Ca-Zoom PTZ cameras put image management in the palm of your hand with interchangeable camera heads in three different diameters, advanced camera setup, high-powered lighting, integrated image capture and full motion video recording ,up to 36X optical and 12x digital zoom, on-board file manager, annotation and comparison measurement.

Features and Benefits

Ca-Zoom PTZ 140

  • Incorporates a 36x optical with a 12xdigital for a 432x total zoom capability. Additionally, the Ca-Zoom PTZ 140 camera is equipped with two high-power 35 watt lights offered with wide and narrow beam spreads.

Ca-Zoom PTZ 100

  • Incorporates a 10x optical with a 4xdigital for a 40x total zoom capability. Additionally, the Ca-Zoom PTZ 100 camera is equipped with four 5-watt LED lights offered with wide and narrow beam spreads.

Ca-Zoom PTZ 70

  • Incorporates a 10x optical with a 4xdigital for a 40x total zoom capability. Additionally, the Ca-Zoom PTZ 70 camera is equipped with eight 5-watt LED lights offered with wide and narrow beam spreads.

PTZ Camera Control Unit 6.2

  • Portable, case-mounted, or rack-mounted camera controller allows still image or full-motion video capture. The controller runs a real-time, multitasking software operating system which supports file storage on internal memory and CompactFlash removable storage media. Includes connectors for camera, two handheld controllers, video input/output and keyboard for text generation. Comparison measurement, PC remote control and re-measurement software are also available.

PTZ Camera Control Unit 7.0 

  • Streamlined, rack-mountable camera controller designed to allow video ‘pass through’ for external video management.

FAST RVI Robotic Crawler from GE Inspection Robotics

  • Learn how GE Inspection Robotics integrates the Ca-Zoom PTZ Camera into their FAST RVI robotic visual inspection crawler. FAST RVI allows the operator to access areas that could not be accessed by human, get more coverage, inspect behind baffles & obstacles.

Customized configurations are available to meet your unique inspection needs. Contact us for more information.

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