BPE – Ultrasonic Strip Tester

GE’s BPE ultrasonic strip test system is used to inspect coil material prior to forming of Spiral Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) or Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes. The BPE is available as a stand-alone test system or can be integrated into the structure of GE’s SNUP-SP spiral weld inspection system.

Features and Benefits
  • Testing for laminations or inclusions in the base material of welded pipes.
  • Statistical sampling or full body inspection setups possible
  • Static and/or oscillating probes
  • No dimensional or wall thickness limitations
  • Test speeds from 1 m/min – 20 m/min (3.28 ft./min – 65.62ft./min) (SAW pipes) and up to 2 m/s (6.56 ft./s) (ERW pipes).

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