With its state-of-the-art digital image enhancement and analysis functions, VISTAPLUS V is the perfect software for rapid and precise evaluation of x-ray radioscopic images. It features a range of image acquisition systems to guarantee optimum image quality and an optimized user interface to facilitate the creation of complex image processing. In addition, VISTAPLUS V also offers real-time filtering of live images, guaranteeing the best possible image representation while inspecting in motion.

Features and Benefits
  • Image acquisition software working with different detector sources from 8-16 Bit
  • Supports two monitors (up to three as an option)
  • Real-time averaging for noise reduction in the live image without smearing effects
  • Real-time filtering of the live image
  • 33 predefined digital filter functions plus additional user-definable filters
  • Easy to set up image processing macros
  • Digital zoom function
  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Automatic and manual contrast and brightness adjustment
  • DICONDE Export Interface to GE Rhythm® data management platform
  • Overlay tools for image annotation
  • Automatic and manual storage of digital images in various formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF)
  • Detector protection system During operation, the detector is monitored by an alarm system which is triggered in the event of blooming and damage to the x-ray detector.
  • Communicates with PLCs of GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies X-ray systems
  • Password protection
  • Integrated reference image function with user-definable display.
  • Software supports GE VISTALUX image intensifiers and various Digital Detector Arrays
  • Illumination mode
    Uses special functions in combination with the digital image intensifier VISTALUX 9S3 HR (1k) to considerably enhance the penetrability of dense materials. This function enhances the capabilities of standard image intensifiers and, in some cases, may eliminate the need to invest in more powerful x-ray sources, generators and accompanying radiation protection.
  • CT image acquisition module
  • ASTM Reference Image catalogue modules
  • GE Flash!Filter™ module

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