speed|scan CT 64

GE’s speed|scan CT 64 is a new automated high-speed computed tomography system for production process control and optimization. Advanced medical GE gantry based computed tomography (CT) provides technology that has been established over a period of nearly four decades and now is available for revolutionary high-speed process control in industry. 4x faster than the first speed|scan generation and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan beam CT.

Features and Benefits
  • Productivity and quality gain due to quantitative 3D automated defect recognition and dimensional control
  • Cost savings due to faster product ramp up times and minimized rejects
  • Up to 100 % 3D production control of large castings 64-channel data acquisition and patented quick-slide manipulator for rapid sample throughput rate
  • Scan speed down to 15 sec. for a cylinder head allows several hundred times faster 3D inspection compared to conventional industrial fan beam
  • CT Max. sample size ~600 mm diameter x 900 mm length (23.6” x 35.4”); max. scan diameter ~500 mm (19.6”)
  • Optimized ease of use and cost of ownership due to high grade of automatization

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