Rhythm UT

Rhythm UT combines advanced image acquisition, review and data management tools for phased array images taken with the Phasor XS. Its advanced data sharing capabilities allow significant improvements in productivity and enable faster identification of quality problems, leading to reduced production defects or better in-service asset management. Rhythm UT offers additional tools to enhance reporting and analysis to assist in better decision-making and allows to work offline without sacrificing capabilities.

Features and Benefits


  • Performs the same functions as the Phasor XS™ so you can work offline without sacrificing capability
  • Adds a full complement of tools for reporting and analysis for better decision-making
  • Create meaningful inspection reports with just a few clicks of a mouse
  • Same easy-to-use Phasor XS interface to get you up and running quickly
  • DICONDE compliance ensures that your data will never become obsolete


  • Rythym Acquire – customizable menus
  • Rythym Review – application tools for analysis, enhancement, measurement, reporting and storage of received data
  • Rythym Archive – delivers a complete, scalable and flexible DICONDE storage solution

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