Rhythm Enterprise Web

Rhythm Enterprise Web, operating in conjunction with Rhythm Enterprise Archive, provides IE browser access to NDT inspection data maintained in a central Rhythm Enterprise Archive server from anywhere in the world. Rhythm Enterprise Web brings DICONDE viewing capabilities to the internet and provides a convenient distribution engine with web-based functionality. Rhythm Web scales across NDT modalities allowing for optimal delivery of multi-modal NDT data to all users, regardless of connection speeds.

Features and Benefits


  • Collaborative real-time communication – Conferencing features allow inspectors to consult colleagues in any part of the world
  • Ease-of-Use – Designed to combine powerful functionality with ease-of-use
  • Quick information access – When and where you want it
  • Speed of data delivery – Optimized to the recipient’s bandwidth and display capabilities via GE optional progressive wavelet transmission
  • High-level security – Data is protected with advanced audit technologies, encryption and via SSL certificates
  • Investment protection – The use of off-the-shelf client hardware components and industry standard DICONDE protocol enables the product to be upgraded to meet standards of tomorrow
  • Operator productivity – Brings the benefits of a DICONDE Viewer in the convenience of a web browser
  • Common look and feel – NDT inspectors can switch seamlessly from one to the other with no loss in productivity

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