phoenix x|act uAXI – 2D inspection software

phoenix x|act is a large and powerful image processing software to program automatic test cycles. Manual as well as fully automated X-ray inspection can be done easy and self-explanatory. For manual X-ray inspection GE’s optional Flash! Filters™ image optimization technology enables faster, more reliable failure detection.

Features and Benefits

phoenix x|act is available in three different configurations: x|act base, x|act operator and x|act pro


  • Extremely high defect coverage and repeatability to ensure highest quality requirements
  • Minimum setup time due to easy and fast CAD-data import and programming
  • Time and money saving by using fully automated inspection strategies
  • Once programmed, the inspection program is portable to all x|act compatible phoenix|x-ray systems


  • Highly efficient fully automated CAD-data import, programming and image processing (Xe²)
  • Live 3D overlay of CAD and inspection results even in rotated oblique inspection views at extremely high magnification
  • Optimized positioning accuracy due to 3D auto-referencing
  • Advanced barcode reading Contrast enhancement with temperature stabilized digital DXR panels


  • View based programming with automated image processing
  • Automated save of results, images and X-ray sample map
  • Review with quality|review
  • Automated view creation from strategies
  • Easy macro recording for intuitive programming of inspection tasks
  • Easy teach in of positioning and image processing parameters
  • All display settings will be saved with one click
  • Enhanced sample map functions – once created, the sample map can be used for all boards of the same type
  • Precise distance measurement in the X-ray image
  • Different sharpen, smooth, morphologic and rank operator image filter
  • Interactive toolkit Reference point function (fiducial)
  • Programmable load position

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