phoenix nanome|x

The phoenix nanome|x is an ultra high-resolution nanofocus X-ray inspection system designed for inspecting high-quality assemblies and interconnections in the semiconductor and SMT industries. The system offers excellent performance and versatility and can be optionally used for 2D X-ray inspection as well as for full 3D computed tomography (micro- and nanoCT as well as planarCT). With the phoenix x|act software package the phoenix nanome|x is the system of choice to ensure meeting actual and future zero defect requirements.

Features and Benefits

Customer Benefits:

  • Combined 2D / 3D CT operation
  • Superior dual detector technology (digital image chain and active temperature-stabilized digital detector with 30 fps) for brilliant live images
  • Automation of inspection steps possible
  • Outstanding ease-of-use

Key Features:

  • High magnification
  • Precise Manipulation
  • High repeatability
  • 180 kV / 15 W high-power open nanofocus tube with up to 200 nanometer detail detectability
  • Upgradeable to nanoCT® and / or planarCT
  • Optional:
    • phoenix x|act software package for easy and fast CAD based high-resolution automated X-ray inspection (μAXI) for extremely high defect coverage with high magnification and repeatability
    • Brilliant live inspection images due to high dynamic temperature-stabilized digital GE DXR detector with 30 fps (frames per second) and active cooling
    • 3D computed tomography scans within 10 seconds
    • Up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level by diamond|window

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