phoenix microme|x – X-ray Inspection System

The phoenix microme|x is a high-resolution 180 kV microfocus X-ray inspection system for real time inspection of solder joints and electronic components as well as for automated inspection (µAXI). Innovative and unique features and an extreme high positioning accuracy make the system the effective and reliable solution for a wide spectrum of 2D and 3D inspection tasks: R&D, failure analysis, process and quality control as well as automated offline inspection. Optional the system can be equipped with CT or planarCT.

Features and Benefits


  • Extremely high defect coverage and repeatability
  • Outstanding ease-of-use
  • Up to 2 times faster data acquisition at the same high image quality level by diamond|window as a new standard
  • Combined 2D / 3D CT operation



  • 180 kV / 20 W high-power microfocus tube with up to 0,5 µm detail detectability
  • Brilliant live images by high dynamic temperature-stabilized GE DXR digital detector with 30 fps (frames per second)
  • x|act software package for easy and fast CAD based high-resolution automated X-ray inspection (μAXI) for extremely high defect coverage with high magnification and repeatability
  • Precise manipulation
  • 3D computed tomography scans within 10 seconds (optional)
  • Advanced planarCT option for slice or multislice package evaluation without overaying structures

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