phoenix datos|x CT software

phoenix datos|x is an advanced, highly intuitive CT software for fully automated data acquisition and volume processing with most of GE’s industrial computed tomography systems. In production mode, the entire CT scan and evaluation process chain can be initiated just by pressing one button. 3D failure analysis or 3D metrology tasks can be executed automatically. phoenix datos|x offers also an expert mode for flexible laboratory and research tasks with optimized CT results.

Features and Benefits

Key Features:

  • Up to 14 times faster volume reconstruction for accelerated sample throughput
  • Improved automatization functions for highly effective system usage
  • CT system performance monitoring following ASTM 1695 guideline
  • Click & measure|CT functionality for high throughput
  • Supports optional metrology|edition CT system configuration for high precision 3D measurements following VDI 2630 guideline
  • Automated batch CT inspection task execution
  • Production mode with one-button|CT functionality and intuitive user interface for improved ease of use


Customer Benefits:

  • CLEAR: Highly improved interface for ease of use and intuitive process flow
  • EFFICIENT: Ultra fast volume reconstruction and decreased CT operator time
  • AUTOMATIC: one-button|CT batch processing tools for data acquisition, volume reconstruction and 3D analysis
  • FLEXIBLE: Functionality and interfaces for customized CT solutions
  • EASY: Significant reduction of required training and operator time

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