InspectionWorks Connect – Real-Time Remote Inspection

GE’s InspectionWorks Connect platform provides real-time remote access to inspections from anywhere, to anywhere in the world. Experts can view a live inspection happening across the globe, enabling  smarter decisions, faster. Expertise delivered where it’s needed, when it’s needed to keep assets running  and maximize efficiency.

Remote Collaboration for the Inspection Industry

Improve productivity with live video and two-way chat and annotation features, remote experts can see what the inspector sees and instantly communicate, troubleshooting issues on the spot, without the inspector ever leaving the inspection site.

Increase asset uptime by allowing inspectors and experts to make fast decisions on critical assets in real-time.

Reduce operating costs. Used as a virtual training tool, InspectionWorks Connect helps you decrease your operating costs by accelerating on-the-job learning. With instant access to remote trainers and experts, InspectionWorks Connect allows you to extend the reach of your inspection experts around the world, slash travel costs and minimize resource constraints.

  • Live video streaming of inspections
  • Collaboration tools, including 2-way chat communication and telestration
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Secured/encrypted solution
  • Embedded (installed software) solution on your NDT device
  • No additional equipment required
  • Zero-install client – use a web browser to log in remotely
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Available on the Mentor Visual iQ and XLG3 visual inspection devices
  • Available on the Mentor UT for Corrosion ultrasonic flaw detector.

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