Digital X-ray Detector DXR250C – W/DXR250U-W

Based on GE’s expertise in medical and industrial radiography and supported by various customer success stories across different segments, the development of the DXR250C-W and DXR250U-W wireless digital X-ray detectors is a logical progression to our product portfolio. These new digital X-ray detectors are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial radiography inspections.

Features and Benefits


  • The DXR250C-W 8”x8” detector weighs just 3,5 kg (7lb) with a thickness of only 25 mm (0.98”) – ideal for places which offer difficult access and where most portability is needed
  • The DXR250U-W has a larger imager size of 16”x16” and weighs only 5 kg (11 lbs) with a thickness of only 26 mm (1.02”) – used for a wide range of radiography applications covering medium to large sized objects



  • Its simplified handling and operation leads to overall productivity gain
  • Robust wireless operation (802.11 g, up to 80 m communication range, WEP2 security) with online wireless strength
  • Detector temperature and remaining detector battery power monitoring
  • Access Point mode with portable access point for extended range
  • Ad-hoc communication for fast image transfer
  • Optional power saving mode to increase battery usage



  • Ruggedized design with shock absorbing panel support (shock, water and dust protected housing)
  • Carbon fiber front window
  • Shielded electronics for improved radiation protection
  • Optional hard-shell with additional tie-off points and shock bumpers for additional mechanical protection
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Industrial power supply with On/Off switch and detachable tether

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