XL-PMI+ Ultra – Retired Product

GE’s XRF Positive Material Identification (PMI) are no longer available for sale. This page exists to provide technical documentation and reference materials for ongoing service and support of the product line.

Features and Benefits
  • Our fastest, most sensitive analyzer, utilizing a large area silicon drift detector and 50kV tube for accuracy and precision on even the most demanding applications
  • Optimized light element detection for aluminum alloys and silicon in carbon steel
  • Integrated camera is standard for accurate sample positioning and image capture
  • Optional small-spot feature isolates welds, small samples and critical areas
  • Detect & measure trace elements for FAC modeling
  • Analyze components for residual elements in HF alkylation and low Si sulfidation systems
  • Analyze components for residual/”tramp” elements in HF alkylation units or any carbon steel asset
  • For rapid inspection, the speed of the XL-PMI+ Ultra combined with the ability to utilize a tilting, color, & touch-screen display makes for a enjoyable operator experience.
  • Ease of reporting or sharing data using NDT software via USB or Bluetooth connection

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