UltraMATE® Software

UltraMATE® simplifies the transfer, storage, analysis, and documentation of thickness data. The Easy-to-use tool has direct DMS2 and CL 400 Communications, “Auto-connects” and displays and prints color Readings eports.

Features and Benefits
  • Comparison of several measurement data sets on the screen
  • Merging of up to five different measurement data sets into one single file
  • Data compatibility with UltraPIPE and older DMS MATE files
  • Viewing of attached A-Scan, B-Scan and Microgrids (when supported by the instrument)
  • Automatic communication setup
  • Data exchange via Windows Clipboard for an easy transfer of measurement data to spreadsheet and word processing applications
  • File creation wizard supporting 6 different file types (8 file types in UltraMATE)
  • Parameter Set transfer to and from DMS, DMS 2, CL 400 and CL 5 instruments

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