Intecal v10 – Calibration Management Software

Intecal v10 is an easy-to-use calibration management software program for generating calibration procedures, scheduling work and documenting results. It is designed to automate calibration management for all GE Druck pressure & temperature calibrators and pressure controllers.

Download a free 30 day trial of Intecal v10 from the Product Download section at the bottom of the page.

Features and Benefits
  • A powerful, easy to use and yet cost-effective calibration software for process plants.
  • Fully compatible with following GE’s Druck calibrators:
    • Portable calibrators DPI 620 Genii, DPI 620, DPI 612 and DPI 611;
    • Temperature calibrators dry block and liquid bath (coming soon);
    • Pressure controllers PACE 5000 and PACE 6000;
    • Pressure indicators PACE 1000;
    • Using a displaced product?  Check the list on the brochure!
  • Fully digital with storage of calibration reports to reduce the burden of compliance of ISO 9000 and similar quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • Fully automated and paper-free calibration process that optimizes production by saving time and minimizing production costs.
  • Fully automated scheduling tool to plan routine calibrations and outage maintenance.
  • Fully supports third party calibrators with FCINTF protocol.
  • Supports Asset, Device or Tag based instrument definitions
  • 4-tier user security to ensure data integrity and tracking.

Intecal v10 is available in the following languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


Download Information

To use Intecal v10, you must update the calibrators below to the latest firmware version:

  • DPI 611 (DK0439 – v1.04.00) – download here
  • DPI 620 Genii (DK0307 – v2.04.06) – download here
  • DPI 620 / DPI 620IS (DK0420 – v5.12.00) – download here
  • DPI 620 / DPI 620IS CE (DK0420 – v.5.12.00) – download here


To install Intecal v10 follow the instruction below:

Firstly download and run the file “Intecal v10 Drivers”. Then download and run “Intecal v10 Software”. Intecal V10 must be installed by a user with administrative privileges and must be run by the user who installed the software. Please note that if you are using windows 8 or later editions, prior to installing you must disable driver signature enforcement (see here for full instructions) and enable .NET Framework 3.5 (use “Turn Windows features on or off” to enable this).”

– See more at: