IDT 600-1/600-2 – Dirt Moisture Trap

GE’s IDT 600 is an effective barrier for protecting Druck portable pressure calibrators against the ingress of dirt and moisture which may be present in the gaseous pressure media or pneumatic devices under test.

Installed directly onto the standard calibrator pressure port, regular use of the IDT 600 will prevent contamination of the calibrator pneumatic system, improving it’s long term reliability and reducing maintenance costs. The IDT 600-1 and IDT 600-2 are simple to dismantle and easy to clean.

Features and Benefits

The features of the IDT 600-1/600-2 – Dirt Moisture Trap include:

  • Use with all Druck Portable Calibrator Products
  • Prevents cross contamination of the devices under test
  • No diaphragm or other internal components which could create a pressure drop
  • Does not affect calibration accuracy
  • Simple to dismantle and easy to clean

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