XDP Explosion-Proof Display/Power Supply

GE’s XDP display package provides a microprocessor-based, explosion-proof control platform for the XMO2 thermoparamagnetic oxygen transmitter, the XMTC thermal conductivity transmitter or any other 4-20mA output transmitter.

The rugged XDP display/controller is microprocessor-based and certified to Class 1, Division1, Groups B, C, D and ATEX EEx d IIC T6. Most importantly, the unit features an infrared, thru-glass touch keypad, allowing complete access to all of the XDP user programmable features.

Features and Benefits
  • Infrared keypad – allows field engineers to interact with the analyzer through the front display without the need of opening the enclosure and thus avoiding the need for traditional hot work permits
  • Explosion-proof display/controller
  • Compatible with XMO2 oxygen transmitter, XMTC thermal conductivity gas transmitter or any 4-20mA output transmitter
  • Universal input power supply
  • IR through-the-glass keypad
  • Fault alarm
  • Auto-calibration alarm relays available for general applications
  • Optional software specifically designed for use with the XMTC for hydrogen analysis on hydrogen cooled generator applications
  • Measure all three gas cycles for hydrogen cooled generators: 0 to 100 percent hydrogen in air; 0 to 100 percent hydrogen in carbon dioxide; 0 to 100 percent air in carbon dioxide
  • Certified to Class 1, Division1, Groups B,C,D and ATEX EEx d IIC T6

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