Sentinel LCT4 High Accuracy Liquid Flow Meter

Superior design meets serious workhouse in the Sentinel LCT4 Liquid Flow Meter. Fully enclosed in protective explosion-proof housings, our transducers have less of a buffer between them and the liquid flow—creating reduced transit time and better accuracy. Ultrasonic has comparable measurement to mechanical meters, but with no moving parts—saving you money on lower installation, maintenance and energy costs. Plus, the additional diagnostics give you a clearer picture of exactly what is happening inside the pipe.

Features and Benefits

Our patented 4-path chordal configuration is viscosity independent so there’s no need to prove or recalibrate when viscosity changes.The standardized flowcell design of the Sentinel LCT4 means you can get it delivered to you in the field in less time than ever before.Our software code improves speed while the integrated electronics make it possible to perform all your calculations from one centralized location.

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