PanaView Flow Meter Interface Software 1.4.8

PanaView flow meter software allows access to many product features from your computer. Pop-up menus make it easy. Upload setup and calibration data from the analyzer for verification, storage and modification, and then download the data to one or more analyzers. View and graph measurements on the computer, save and export them to spreadsheets, word processors and other applications. The simple point-and-click interface allows you to design attractive custom formats and save as templates for future data.

Features and Benefits
  • Uses ActiveX® software (implements PanaLink™ or IDM™ protocols for the appropriate instrument)
  • Displays real-time data on your computer
  • Allows you to view or graph logged data, and to define logs
  • Exports data to other applications
  • Programs analyzer setup and calibration data
  • Supports TCP/IP for Ethernet enabled products

The software is intended for use with the following products:

  • Hygrometers: PM880, MIS 1, MIS 2, and MMS 3
  • Flowmeters: AT868, DF868, XMT868, UPT868, GM868, GF868, GN868, GS868, XGM868, XGS868, and Sentinel™
  • Oxygen/gas analyzers: OxyTrak™ 390, XMO2, and XMTC

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