PanaFlow Z1G – Volumetric Gas Flow Meter

The PanaFlow Z1G flow meter is the latest of a new generation of Panametrics ultrasonic flow meters. It is a single-path or dual-path wetted meter designed specifically for accurate and dependable measurements in gas applications. Designed for well-head flow measurements, such as coal bed methane, bio gas or any gas with high levels of impurities, the Z1G is engineered to the highest levels of reliability and built to handle difficult process conditions.

Features and Benefits

• The cast body features no welds and highly accurate machined surfaces allowing accurate flow measurements even under low flow conditions
• With enclosed transducers, cables, and junction boxes, the possibility of environmental impacts or accidental user interference affecting the flow measurement is mimimized
• Ultra high powered transducers for high impurity gases
• Field replaceable transducers for easy maintenance
• Has a high turndown ratio to reliably measure the flow rate
• Ex-D certified for hazardous installations
• Provides a flow measurement with no pressure drop, no restriction in the pipe and no moving parts
• Minimal maintenance or upgrades
• High pressure rating

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