PanaFlow LZ

The PanaFlow LZ is a one or two path wetted, ultrasonic flowmeter that brings all of the advantages of ultrasonic technology at a very affordable value. Unlike other flow measurement technologies, the PanaFlow LZ does not require maintenance since it does not have any obstruction in the flow path that could clog the line nor does it have any moving parts that could be damaged by the flowing fluid. Also, due to the inherent nature of our ultrasonic flow measurement, the PanaFlow LZ’s measurement is not affected by changing process conditions and does not drift over time that would require periodic calibration.

Features & Benefits

  • No drifting flow measurement
  • No periodic calibration
  • No maintenance
  • No pressure drop
  • No restriction in the pipe
  • No moving parts and no filters or strainers
  • Bi-directional flow measurement
  • All welded design
  • Measurement independent of temperature,pressure, and conductivity
  • 3” to 24” pipe size standard
  • Local or remote mounting of electronics
  • Normal or high temperature meters available

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