With PartSmart, you can operate with more confidence, knowing that you’re covered on parts for your critical system when you need them. We understand that one of your biggest challenges in dealing with spares is the balance between high investment and lifecycle risk. PartSmart helps you lower both investment costs and lifecycle risk, by partnering with GE to achieve a shared inventory management strategy.

Features and Benefits


  • Customer purchases access to spares “kits” through subscription
  • GE manages the kits, allowing customer to hold a reduced level of inventory onsite
  • Customer purchases spare part from protected inventory, and spares are shipped as needed.
  • Customer determines the method of shipment, and part is shipped from factory within 72 hours, or part is free
  • Full warranty upon shipment
  • List price in effect paid at the time of shipment


  • Reduced operational risk
  • Warranty starts when parts are ordered not while in inventory
  • Life limited components are managed by GE
  • Obsolescence risk is managed by GE
  • Reduces inventory carrying cost

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