OptiComp Compressor Control Train Control Suite

Drawing on 25+ years of accumulated domain knowledge in turbine and compressor controls, in gas processing and pipelines, GE’s OptiComp™ Integrated Compressor Control Suite offers a comprehensive and scalable solution with superior control software running on our fast and reliable Mark™ VIe control platform. GE can extend control and protective functions for equipment beyond the basic machine train, such as associated auxiliaries up to and including the entire compressor station.

Features and Benefits
Eight Ways to Enhance Your Operations with GE’s OptiComp Integrated Compressor Control Suite

Improved Process Control – Increased process turndown minimizes recycle or blow-off
Improved Surge Control – Greater immunity to sudden load disturbances and process gas inlet variations
Smoother Start-ups – One vendor means smoother design engineering, and well coordinated site start-up— just one cohesive team supporting a faster turnaround
Ease of Operation – One common user interface for monitoring and control with data access from a single database, and one system for easier maintenance
Increased Reliability – Fewer electronics, systems and interfaces increase the overall running reliability of the train
Smaller footprint – Fewer control panels, fewer HMI Operator and Engineering workstations, and a single Historian
Lower capital investment – Less hardware, less software, less spare parts, less time and money spent on training
Lower lifecycle costs – Energy and production savings, reduced downtime, reduced mechanical wear and tear, fewer electronics to support

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