Mark VIe Control System Retrofit

The Mark VIe control platform is applied across the complete spectrum of GE applications – including gas and steam turbines, wind, hydro, safety controllers, and plant DCS systems. It is available for upgrades of all legacy controls and supports the most advanced turbine technology enabled by modern model-based control. The Mark VIe retrofit provides a reliable, high-performance control system and the support to reduce plant lifecycle cost.

Features and Benefits
A Mark VIe control system retrofit for either heavy-duty gas or steam turbines provides improved performance, operability and availability to your operations. Its flexible design provides a simplex, dual or triple redundant configuration to meet your needs. Benefits include:

Ease of operation through advanced software tools and networks
Less maintenance and mean-time-to-repair with modern diagnostic tools and the ability to integrate third party monitoring and control systems into the turbine control
Improved lifecycle support with access to current GE upgrade/maintenance programs for software and hardware and access to spare parts
Reduced project cost and implementation time
Common HMI, training, testing and parts support

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