Mark V Revitalization

The Mark V Revitalization Program provides a support option for Mark V control customers in place of a full retrofit or migration to the Mark VIe platform. Customers benefit from features like panel refurbishment, parts support, extended warranty, technical assistance and Health Advisor assessment – all designed to lengthen the lifecycle of Mark V controls. As the OEM of the Mark V, GE has the experience and access to original design documentation to be your partner for the lifecycle of your control system.

Features and Benefits


  • Refurbishment of all primary circuitry boards within the Mark V control
  • Mark V technical and part support for five years after installation
  • Annual Health Advisor assessments
  • Gold level Technical Support Agreement (TSA) with 50 hours of yearly phone support
  • Review of GE Technical Information Letters (TILs) relevant to the covered equipment and software with a 25% discount on software TILs
  • 10% off Toolbox upgrades and formal training


  • Extend the life of the Mark V control with high reliability and consistent performance
  • Minimize downtime at the site(s) during revitalization
  • Provide guaranteed fast access to Mark V parts
  • Minimize time-to-issue-resolution throughout the term of the agreement

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