Mark IV to Mark VIe Migration

GE offers a Mark IV to Mark VIe migration program to upgrade these legacy systems to modern technology with minimum downtime. Prefabricated bases with Mark VIe electronics are installed in the existing Mark IV cabinets and connected to the existing terminal boards with plug-in wire harnesses. Field terminations and turbine devices are retained to minimize Mark IV to Mark VIe installation time.

Features and Benefits

Improved fault tolerance and reliability
Enhanced online repair at the I/O module level
Modern HMI tools for ease of operation
Modern maintenance tools and diagnostics to quickly identify faults
Flexible Ethernet networks to distribute data
Distributed I/O to integrate instrumentation in other cabinets
Compatible with all new turbine technology, such as dry low NOx
Clear path for future enhancements and life cycle support.
Minimum downtime for upgrade by retaining field terminations and turbine devices

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