EX2100e Digital Front-End (DFE)

The EX2100e Digital Front-End (DFE) is a controls-only retrofit that enables customers with older excitation systems to upgrade to GE’s fully digital EX2100e platform at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional excitation. Retaining existing power conversion bridges makes this a quick and cost-effective option for those looking to increase reliability and get more return on their operations.

Features and Benefits
Minimizes hardware replacement – fast installation time
Improved reliability with modern electronics and redundant control options
Advanced software tools simplify regulatory testing and reporting requirements
Uses same proven control configuration as GE’s full EX2100e Excitation offering
Enhanced data capture and analysis tools to help maximize generator performance and protection
Complete design engineering and retrofit services reduce customer staff loading
Elimination of old circuit cards and power supplies improves reliability and reduces spare parts issues
Patented digital field ground detection system senses potentially damaging ground faults on the AC source, or the location of a DC field ground fault
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